VBS 신청하기


Dear Parents!

부모님들께 알립니다!


We will be having a 2020 VBS this summer on July 20th - 24th ONLINE!  This is an exciting and new way that we will be worshiping and joining together this year.   

올 여름 7 월 20 일부터 24 일까지 온라인으로 2020 VBS 합니다. 이번 VBS은 우리에게 새로운방법으로 
함께 할 예배입니다.   


"VBS Registration Closed"


Every morning we will have a LIVESTREAM of the Morning Worship and Sermon (time will be announced later) and then the stations will all be uploaded on the website and your child can click on each one until finished.   

매일 아침 예배와 설교를 라이브 스트리밍으로 시작합니다. (시간은 나중에 발표 하겠습니다) 아침예배 후 
웹 사이트에 업로드되어 있는 엑티비티를 클릭하여 자녀들이 즐길수 있도록 도와주시면 됩니다.


 The Saturday (before VBS week) on July 18th between 1-3pm please drive thru the church parking lot to pick up a bag filled with VBS supplies and a VBS t-shirt for your child. The VBS volunteers and some teachers will be there so your children can wave and say “hi” as you come to pick up!

7 월 18 일 토요일 오후 1시에서 오후 3시 사이 (VBS 주 전)에 교회 주차장을 통해 VBS 용품이 담긴 
가방과 VBS 티셔츠를 픽업하시기 바랍니다.  VBS 봉사자들과 일부 선생님들이 여러분이 올 때자녀들에게 
인사할수 있도록 하겠습니다!  


May this summer be filled with lots of joy, family bonding, and Jesus time!  God bless you!

이번 여름에 많은 기쁨과 가족 유대 및 예수님의 시간으로 가득 차기를 소망합니다. 하나님의 축복이 있기를